On staying together for the sake of the kids

“What caught him off guard though was that at some level he felt ‘programmed’ to bring conflict and drama into the relationship. Even where there was no evidence of cheating he suspected it. Even though he loved her free spirit he felt he should curtail it in case she ran off. Even though he admired her intelligence he found himself calling her stupid. When things were good he was waiting for something to go wrong – enjoying peace and fun felt alien and weird.
So if it didn’t ‘go’ wrong, he’d make it go wrong.”

This is an extract from my current monthly piece for FamilyFriendlyHQ and I’m honoured that they posted it.
Should I stay or should I go?
Should I stay or should I go?
If you are in a relationship that feels off, or worse, abusive, and you believe you should stick it out for the sake of your children, then this may resonate with you.
It’s a true story and if it resonates, please note the links to resources at the end.

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