Social Media Policy


I use Twitter and Facebook, occasionally LinkedIn, and have business as well as personal profiles. I invite you (but certainly don’t expect you) to “follow”  or “like” my business Facebook and/or my Twitter. However neither space is a therapeutic space, and so I do not engage or respond personally to clients or former clients in these very public fora. I ask that you respect my privacy and boundaries as I will yours, even when we have finished working together. If you do wish to engage with me or contact me please feel free to do so privately via email. This is about boundaries, yours and mine, and my hope is that it will not be taken personally.

I am always happy to hear from current or previous clients if you have a question or comment – just mail!

With regard to my personal Facebook page, I decline “friend requests” from clients – prospective, current and past. I will refer you to my business page if you should contact me in error on my personal page, as can happen! Again, this is about boundaries.

If you are soon to be a client of mine and we haven’t met yet, rest assured that I’ll happily discuss all of this with you in person when we first meet, and will be happy answer any questions or address whatever concerns you may have.

If you wish to follow my blog on Substack or WordPress I am happy for you to do so. (Although, I have yet to use my Substack account!)