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mess-of-feeling.thumbnail[1]If you are thinking of starting therapy for yourself but don’t know where to start then maybe a good question to ask yourself is ‘what would need to be different for me to feel happier’? Some therapists refer to this as the “Miracle question” and while I’m not sure of its miraculous powers I am sure that it is a useful way of focussing yourself on what you would like to change. The next steps can include finding ways to make those changes, and perhaps identifying personal patterns / habits that have led or contributed to you feeling unhappy today.

This is where therapy can be very helpful. We all have habits, some good, some not so helpful. Talking them through out loud can be a very powerful way of seeing how our habits affect our lives. We can also discover how deeply we may feel about things that we thought we were ‘over’, or that we were told to ‘get over’. The relief of discovering that we are normal and that our feelings are normal can be immensely curative.

In my experience it is the events around us are abnormal, and we react normally to them. Just for now I’m inviting you to think about that oneā€¦

Shopping around for a therapist can be daunting. Do feel free to call me and quiz me on anything you have questions about that I may not have answered on this site.

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