Parents of young children


I spent seven years working for Barnardos, Ireland’s leading childrens’ charity. My post there was Bereavement Therapist. The children I worked with had all experienced a bereavement of some kind, often traumatic. During my time there I had the opportunity to participate in play therapy workshops and to work with art. I worked with children on an individual basis and also in the context of family work. Since leaving Barnardos I have expanded my practice to include young children and families who are experiencing all sorts of difficulties, and my specialty with children remains loss and bereavement. Loss of course comes in many forms and can be as a result of death, separation, illness or change in circumstances. As a parent you will always be informed on your child’s progress and I like to include parents in the therapy .

I do not offer clinical assessment for intelligence, or for intellectual / physical disorders. For these the appropriate person to work with is a Clinical or Educational Psychologist.