Christmas Crazy Yet?


Less than four weeks to go folks! (I know, I know… sorry..)

Some of us are excited, some of us are sad, some in dread. It’s a tough time, and the only time when we collectively expect ourselves to put on a sparkly show of joy and merriment. That’s a lot of pressure. 

But what if you don’t feel happy?

Firstly, know that that’s normal. Secondly, this post that I wrote for FamilyFriendlyHQ might be of some assistance. There is a part two coming – and if you’d like to hear about that do feel free to sign up here by adding your email address over to the right there (or below if you’re on your phone) and you’ll get in straight into your inbox when it’s up.

Ironically, this festive season is the most challenging time of year for many, many people. If this resonates, you are not alone.

Mind you,


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