Stormy crazy Scary


Stormy weather and fear-filled hearts, right?

Today was a strange one.

I’m very conscious today and yesterday that these days we are all on a constant alert of sorts. Why?
It’s not just Barra, it’s COVID too. I know they’re not related… well… not technically.

But they are SO related.

Once more at the mercy of nature, only this time it’s visible.

We can see trees bending, debris on the road, waves usually beautiful become life threatening.

We can hear it too.

We can feel the air pressure giving us headaches, moving our homes, if we’re lucky enough to have one.

Once more we feel under attack. More acutely, more loudly. More obviously.

The headlines aren’t helping, the colour coding with the dire warnings – Weather Bomb, Danger to Life, Red Warning!!! WAAAAA!!!!

Fierce relaxing…

No wonder we’re being hyper-vigilant, scaring easily – lashing out easily. And while some of us are enjoying the enforced retreat from life – which in itself is interesting in what it tells us about things and perhaps people we don’t reeeeally like – a lot of us feel trapped, albeit briefly.

But the freedom we’ll enjoy tomorrow will also be brief because COVID is still with us. So…


Some of us are snapping. It’s normal. We’ve taken a lot now. We’ve maybe had enough… We’ve been exposed to a lot of fear since last year. It all can feel a bit much. If that’s where you’re at, that’s normal. Please know that.

This storm will pass. We’ll get on with the other one too. It’s all a bit of a trial but we’re coping well I think.

These, for what it’s worth, are my evening’s musings… I hope you are all well and safe.

The relative calm will return, and the sun will warm our little faces. Meanwhile, here’s a rock to remind you of how utterly solid you truly are, it’s the waves that change.

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