My Daughter is Distressed: A Q&A

A woman typing on her laptop

Sometimes a parent mails me with a query about their anxious child.

Last week I received such a query. Her particular issue is such a common one at the moment (ungrateful nod to COVID!) that I asked permission to publish both her question and my response. There can be so much isolation, pressure and even shame around parenting that it can come as an enormous relief to find that another parent shares your experiences!

And of course these difficult feelings are exacerbated hugely in lockdown.

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The Best of a Brutal Year


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

F I N A L L Y … Can’t be much worse than the last!!

I’m left with a feeling of awe actually – at how we’ve managed to pull together and survive this, most of us. I’m sorry for those who have suffered loss – whatever form that loss took, and will continue to take.

So much loss…

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Poor Ollie the Otter, we’ll miss his soggy furry cuteness!


He was “just” an otter. But when Ollie started dining regularly in Youghal we were all excited and more than a little flattered. There’s something about an animal’s visit isn’t there? A sense of trust, an unspoken bond between living creatures that somehow crosses boundaries set by species, genes, chromosomes… but what a cutie…

photo credit Marshall Hadin (not Ollie, one of his cousins)

Did he think we were cute I wonder? He probably thought we were ridiculous with our clothes and cars and lack of fur…

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