The Best of a Brutal Year


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

F I N A L L Y … Can’t be much worse than the last!!

I’m left with a feeling of awe actually – at how we’ve managed to pull together and survive this, most of us. I’m sorry for those who have suffered loss – whatever form that loss took, and will continue to take.

So much loss…

But we are on the brink of recovery. How amazing is that?! In less than a year so much has been achieved despite everything.
I find that moving, and I am grateful for our collective resilience.

And as so many do at the end of every year, I’ve looked back with curiosity to see which posts were the most popular. I’ve compiled them for you to take a gander back if you’re curious too!

The 10th most read (as distinct from most “liked”) post of 2020 was:

No 9

No 8

No 7

No 6

No 5

No 4

No 3

No 2

No 1 – the most read post (and indeed my personal favourite) was:

ps: The Top 3 on THIS site for 2020

At no 3 – I was having a bad day here…:

And a good/sad day for the Arachnophobia piece which came in at no 2

And the most read post was:

So – dear old 2020 – you’ve been a great teacher, but good riddance none the less .

And 2021 – you are very warmly welcome like no other year has ever been!!

Thank you all – it’s been quite the year. See you on the other side!

Poor Ollie the Otter, we’ll miss his soggy furry cuteness!


He was “just” an otter. But when Ollie started dining regularly in Youghal we were all excited and more than a little flattered. There’s something about an animal’s visit isn’t there? A sense of trust, an unspoken bond between living creatures that somehow crosses boundaries set by species, genes, chromosomes… but what a cutie…

photo credit Marshall Hadin (not Ollie, one of his cousins)

Did he think we were cute I wonder? He probably thought we were ridiculous with our clothes and cars and lack of fur…

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