How to rage less at your children


I have yet to meet a parent who is the paragon of zen, calm, smiling, constantly colouring, playing football, baking, laughing… The reality is a lot grittier. There is lots of fun yes! Of course! And in between the fun times, there are some boring times, and then times where it can be a struggle to feel calm, especially if your child is challenging you and pushing your boundaries.

And they will  – that’s how they learn!

#Arghhhh!                                  cartoon-crazy.thumbnail[1]

So this piece is about how to reign in the rage. How to catch your feelings before they explode into temper and you’re left feeling awful, tired and worse – guilty.

I wrote it exclusively for and here’s the link. I sincerely hope you find it helpful and feel free to comment there or below here. I always welcome feedback and suggestions!


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