Gillette – the best men can be


People (well, some people) are losing their sh*t over this (in my opinion) GREAT ad.


There are comments, so many comments, from “real men” calling for a boycott, that they’re entitled to be “real men”. One person who supported the ad was told they should watch out, “your son will become your daughter” (because being female is obvs the worst thing ever and synonymous with all other insults) Yup, and pages more of other such nonsense that doesn’t deserve quoting. And yes I know it’s “just” advertising. But it’s GOOD advertising. It’s not telling men to behave poorly and it’s not telling women to put up with it. It’s awesome and I love it. Behold again – just a little taster:
oh dear…
Poor Piers. I guess he’ll be using different razors. Gillette will be so upset. They’ve lost at least one grumpy customer who seems to not “get it” – or perhaps just wants the notoriety on Twitter… One can only assume that he feels bullying, sexual assault and feeling unable to express human feelings is what men are all about. If I were a man Id’ be deeply offended. But his comments garnered a troubling amount of support in this, the era of #metoo and #rapeculture. Albeit only on Twitter, which isn’t perhaps representative of humanity in fairness. His loss I’m sure will be mitigated by the deluge of new female customers ( the real target of this ad no doubt – after all: €£$!!). Another complaint is that it was directed by a woman. Some interfering woman – those women hey??!! “A shaving ad written by pink-haired feminist scolds us about as effective as a tampon ad written by middle aged men … Count this 30-year customer out.” And here am I, another gobby woman, wanting equality and respect. To not be objectified, dismissed or assaulted. The cheek of me. A person on my Facebook page pointed this out – of course they’re right: “The message is great, love it until you do realise its one big marketing ploy though. This should be the message sent out by governments and people in the spotlight” But then, anyone who is willing to say enough is enough is going to get my vote. Even if they make money from it – may they make a fortune I reckon. Everyone deserves a change in the toxic elements of masculinity. Both men and women, boys and girls – our actual future. Imagine what a glorious world we would have if we could cherish each other like this?! Intervening when we see bullying Intervening when we see harassment Comforting when we see pain What exactly is the problem with Gillette’s message?  Why is a message as intrinsically good as this being vilified? It’s deeply troubling. Criticise them for wanting to make a profit all you want – fine – but the message itself is a good one is it not?? It seems to me that those complaining feel they are entitled to hurt people – at least that’s how it looks and sounds. Or perhaps they genuinely don’t understand the extent of that hurt – they might even be so hurt themselves that it has become invisible to them. They, in a sense, don’t “identify” as hurt. Not because they are ignorant. Rather because “#theytoo” are victims of this horrendous place at which we have arrived in our society, where men are both implicitly and explicitly encouraged to dissociate from their humanity. So often this is what comes up for male clients of mine. Men who feels unable to express themselves, or worse, ashamed to do so. Hurt people hurt people. So true. I’ve never seen it as well described as in these 2 glorious minutes brought to us by Gillette – what a genuine surprise. Bravo Gillette – if I had a beard, which I might do some day , I’d use your razors with a glad heart.
I cried too.

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