Attitudes to Prostitution: Glossing it Over.


This was my response to an article in The Irish Examiner looking at prostitution and trafficking, abuse and attacks on sex workers. The accompanying photograph was, in my opinion, highly inappropriate.

As a woman and a psychotherapist living and practicing in Cork city, I wish to respond to your feature on prostitution (Irish Examiner, April 20). I applaud the fact that you quoted Gerardine Rowley who clearly understands the true and abusive nature of the ‘business’ here in Ireland.
However, I question the appropriateness of the photo used. While the article referred to the dangers of glamourising prostitution, you appear to be doing just that with a well-shot portrayal of a good-looking, gym-attending, tanned young man with crisp, clean clothes reclining on a classy-looking bed.
This looks like an ad designed to promote and glamourise prostitution.
Perhaps a photo of a distraught, tired young mother with a black eye would be more realistic?

Sally O’Reilly

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