What does ‘listen to your body’ even mean?


We’re always doing it – encouraging our clients to listen to their bodies.

But what does that mean?

I was asked this today. And I realised we often don’t explain things. For me it means paying attention to physical sensations of pain, tiredness, tightness (in the throat maybe – especially if we’re sad or angry), noticing that out heart is racing, that we feel panic, heat, cold, desire, lack of desire – think of everything as a message.

And then, importantly, do something to show that you’ve heard.

So, what might you hear?

It could be any of, or a few of these –

Let me rest, give me a hug, stop clenching me it hurts, stop restricting me (a NOT uncommon message now as you can imagine), let me cry, let me laugh, let me say something, something hurt me earlier, you hurt me earlier, apologise to me, I need attention, let me move, let me be in charge of something, let me stop carrying this…

Carrying too much?

Because we know what happens when we’re not heard. We withdraw, or get angry or shout louder (it’s not just me, right??) Do we want this for ourselves and our body? What might shouting louder feel/ look like?

Sometimes increased pain, tightened or spasming muscles or anxiety attacks are louder shouts. Screams even…

So today, have a careful listen to you, then show you that you’ve heard.

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