I wish we had no International Women’s Day


You’ll see a lot of posts today giving you the grim figures about the gender pay gap (it’s real), physical assault in intimate relationships (it’s real, and it happens more to women), judgement on image (yes, real, and still happening more to women, and yes, even by women, I know, but please look at the “why” before using it as an excuse for poor behaviour), sexualisation (just look at almost every ad, ever), normalisation of violence against women in porn (please don’t tell me women enjoy it),the low representation of women in positions of power, authority, management, STEM jobs and so on, and so on… ad nauseum.

Before you leap at me on Twitter and Facebook about defining what a women is in 2023 (Good God almighty (said the atheist) I never thought that just using the word “women” could be dangerous!) please know that this is not a competition about who’s worse off. I don’t wish to be divisive. I won’t be getting into straw man arguments today with men who refuse to understand or even try to understand what it’s like to be a woman in this culture. I know #notallmen – sure I married one and he’s awesome! I’m not linking to stats, evidence or articles (except this one) – we all know they’re there #GoogleIt

This is not an anti-man post. This is a pro-human post.

We are changing I believe – but we could speed up the rate please? That’d be nice. Equality is crucial if we are to survive and thrive. Can we please today, take a few moments to understand our own biasses – to watch how we judge, what we say, how we teach about and perceive women – even as women. What are we teaching our children about how to be and treat women?

So, like I say every year, I look forward to the day when we don’t have an International Women’s Day, because we don’t need it. There won’t be gross disgusting dangerous ads like this one I saw last week:

Hey Men! Strangle women like a boss with your cool new watch! #funtimes

It will seem ridiculous to think that women, just because we have vaginas, are treated differently to men. That time is coming, slowly, and honestly? OMFG BRING IT ON!! ( Bit of heartfelt emotion there – some might call me hysterical… or maybe a #gobbyfeminist ;)) Every time I see a complaint about ads like that one above I feel irritation first, maybe the rages, well, often the rages, but then excited and less alone.

Here’s another ad you might hate:

Ya Reeeeeal funny Belvedere…

#RapeCulture #metoo #victimblaming #enoughisenough #itstopsnow – with each one my brain says “YAY!!” – we are finally talking about this stuff.

Ok I’ll add just this link – it’s sooo good:

Wishing all of you gorgeously bright, hard-working, brave and intelligent girls and women out there a wonderful day! And remember – every day can be ours, equally.

Every Day.

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