Sick of Christmas?


Wanna kill Christmas?

As we in TwoWiseChicks said in our last, we know it: this time of year is very difficult for some. With that in mind I was invited to write a piece for which is a great parenting site, and I was greatly honoured this year to be asked to be a feature writer for their site!

So these are the quandaries I grapple with in the piece. It’s written for parents, but, parent or not, we can probably all identify with the stresses!

Q: My kids want the latest PS game/ console/ iPhone / iPad and I can’t afford it!

Q: How will I afford to buy all the gifts that I want to buy for everyone else?

Q: What do I buy for my partner? Q: How will I fit everyone in? Visiting, hosting, feeding??!

Q: When will I get my new clothes? hair done? nails done?

Q: Is there a doable list of little things can I do to save my sanity?

and if you’re interested in reading the full piece please┬áclick here.


I hope you find it helpful and somewhat soothing! Wishing you all my very best and warmest and most restful and most fun holidays,


Sally (& Tanya!)

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