Can we stop dismissing rape and excusing rapists please?


It’s great to see a rapist be convicted and receive an actual sentence in Ireland. How sad that I am surprised and relieved.

HOWEVER, we really need to stop with the “no previous convictions” nonsense – which says nothing of a rapist’s character.

The rapist is a rapist – there’s his character right there.

And I can’t fathom why the judge accepted a submission that he has the following conditions (see pic) – NONE of which a rapist make. Of course we have a history of judges making mindless judgements in this area. Judgements which do nothing but add to the pain of the victims and add to the power of the rapists.

ADHD & ASD do NOT a rapist make. #rapesentencing in Ireland #rape share with a friend

It is offensive in the extreme to people who have been diagnosed with #ADHD, #Bipolar #ASD and#Dyslexia. For God’s sake.

Click on the pic to see the news report on the case (Trigger warning)

I have the rages, yes. But I know it’s a righteous rage, and so I have no issue with sharing it.

#rape #rapesentencing #stilltoolenient

And while I’m here – watch this short video on RapeCulture. She’s a little calmer than I feel right now and so articulating it far better!!

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