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Why do we lie about our age?


SO, Jay-Z lied about his age – why does he care and why do we love that he cares?

This was a piece for which Chrissie Russell, freelance journalist with the Irish Independent interviewed me. She was interested in the revelation that Jay-Z lied about his age and more importantly – why anyone cares! 

Read on the full text of our conversation

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Joss whedon

Why are women judged more harshly than men?


This article came about soon after two young girls were arrested having allegedly been found in possession of €1.7 worth of cocaine. The internet was rife with speculation and Chrissie Russell’s question to me was about women in the spotlight: do we judge women as responding “inappropriately” more readily than we judge men ? Continue reading


“Selfies, more than just self portraits?”


What’s the deal with selfies? More often than not, selfies are taken and posted online by young girls and women, and worryingly, these young girls and women are in increasingly submissive and/or sexualised poses.

Thank you porn.

Here is a conversation I had with Chrissie Russell, a freelance journalist around this topic. The resulting published online newspaper article is here. Continue reading

Irish sex industry

Dear Media – what’s to be: pro or anti women??


This was my response several years ago in the Irish Examiner who, not for the first time in my experience, appear to be confused as to which cause they are championing: The promotion and protection of women’s rights, or the war on womens’ self esteem via media driven unrealistic body image and portrayal. As a psychotherapist I witness daily the results of poor body image and low self esteem: self loathing, disordered eating, depressed feelings, social withdrawal.. I could go on.

These ‘symptoms’ are also presented by the sex industry workers with whom I have had contact. 


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Women are still enslaved, only the “how” has changed.


This was published in the Irish Times and Irish Examiner and is my response to a discussion I heard on Today FM about a ‘glamour model’. This interview coincided with newly published figures on sexual assault in Ireland and I address the probable link between the glamour culture and objectification of women. Continue reading

Making women feel bad about themselves is a lucrative business


I wrote this over 15 years ago in response to a set of new advertisements on TV  that in my opinion promote and normalize  “age-related” cosmetic surgery for women. Both the Irish Examiner and The Irish Times published this.

I am a counselling psychologist working in private practice in Cork city and county. Last week a teenage client told me she was very upset because she could see ‘expression lines’ on her face.

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Our Attitude to Women – have we made any progress?


I wrote this in The Irish Times in response to figures published 15 years ago (!! ) on rape in Ireland.  I work with women and children who have been raped and sexually assaulted –  it is something about which I feel very strongly. And as I read it today, the week of the Tuam babies revelations, International Women’s Day 2017, I find myself wondering if anything has really changed?

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