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Christmas Crazy Yet?


Less than four weeks to go folks! (I know, I know… sorry..)

Some of us are excited, some of us are sad, some in dread. It’s a tough time, and the only time when we collectively expect ourselves to put on a sparkly show of joy and merriment. That’s a lot of pressure.  Continue reading

Can grown-ups write to Santa?


If Christmas is in your life, then you will be very familiar with the idea of writing a letter to the big bearded guy. Can you believe it’s writing-to-Santa-time again – already?!

Typically, young kids’ letters are checklists of ‘wants’, along with parent-nudged-politeness like “Dear Santa, hope you are well and have had a good year”, or “I hope Mrs Claus is well” and, ideally, a “thanks so much for last year’s gift I LOVE it! )”

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Christmas Sanity Guide Part 3: Self-care tips for YOU


We all think of Christmas as a time for giving to others. And that’s nice, it  really is, but when did you last give to yourself? Not necessarily a material gift, but time to yourself or with a rarely seen loved one, fun, nurturing things?

We often forget about ourselves and fret instead about the people we love. Are we not allowed to love ourselves?

(Yes we are!).

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Christmas Stress

Christmas Sanity part 2: When Hell is other people


So here’s part two of guide to staying sane for the holidays (part one here)

The social part of Christmas is fun.


It’s when we get to connect with old friends, family, maybe make new friends. It can be an incredibly nurturing time and full of genuine care and love. There’s nearly always an accompanying pressure though isn’t there? Like, how can I get to meet everyone? How do I choose who to meet? where to meet them? How do I tolerate the people I find difficult? How do I cope when I have to spend time with a person (or people) I usually avoid?

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