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Irish sex industry

Dear Media – what’s to be: pro or anti women??


This was my response several years ago in the Irish Examiner who, not for the first time in my experience, appear to be confused as to which cause they are championing: The promotion and protection of women’s rights, or the war on womens’ self esteem via media driven unrealistic body image and portrayal. As a psychotherapist I witness daily the results of poor body image and low self esteem: self loathing, disordered eating, depressed feelings, social withdrawal.. I could go on.

These ‘symptoms’ are also presented by the sex industry workers with whom I have had contact. 


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Irish Times: My Working Life

Irish Times Health Supplement Interview: ‘My Working Life’


I was interviewed by the Health Supplement  for this article which looked mainly at my work in Barnardos , as well as my private practice. 

Sally O’Reilly, a child and family bereavement therapist with Barnardos, says children are good communicators once you learn their language. Sally feels there is less of a stigma attached to the idea of therapy for children.

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Women are still enslaved, only the “how” has changed.


This was published in the Irish Times and Irish Examiner and is my response to a discussion I heard on Today FM about a ‘glamour model’. This interview coincided with newly published figures on sexual assault in Ireland and I address the probable link between the glamour culture and objectification of women. Continue reading

Stay-At-Home Mothers


Evening Echo, Friday, November 5, 2010

I wrote this article in response to hearing a women speaking about being a stay at home Mum. She spoke articulately and honestly about  how difficult she found it, and how guilty she felt about that.

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Returning to full-time practice


This was published when I decided to resign from Barnardos and return to full time private practice as Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist in East Cork and Youghal.

The Dungarvan Observer is delighted to announce that Sally O’Reilly is returning her successful Private Practice to 5 full days a week. Furthermore, she is now taking referrals for children and families.

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The debate on the age of consent


I wrote this during a time where there was much debate on the Age of Consent in Ireland. In this letter published in the Irish Times I was hoping to encourage people to really think about the pressure our young people experience, and to give them a voice. Continue reading