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I am Sally O'Reilly, BA Psych, MA Couns Psych, MIAHIP, SIAHIP, MEAP. I work in full time private practice as a Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor accredited with the IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, which is a member of ICP). I also hold the European Certificate of Psychotherapy from the EAP and am a graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

I offer individual, family group and couples sessions, and I work with all ages, including children. I have a particular interest in working with teenagers and young people, and run the personal development and substance misuse prevention module for Transition Year students in Midleton College. For several years I worked in Barnardos as bereavement and trauma therapist for children and families. While there, I and a colleague co-authored this page for bereaved teenagers.

My main practice is in East Cork, Youghal, and I have appointments available in Ladysbridge as well.

Click on the links above for further information about my training, experience and hours of business. I have a blog section for you to peruse and am also on Facebook and Twitter - feeds over there on the right - follow if you wish! I co-author sister site Two Wise Chicks  - do pop over when you're done here and check it out. And finally, please feel free to fill in the contact form here with any queries you may still have when you're finished browsing the site. 


Sally O'Reilly



Is your relationship healthy?

Safety in love

This is a quesiton often pondered in therapy. In this piece I offer you a little 'health-check' list to help you figure out how healthy your relationship is for you.

This is a question I hear often. I've even asked it myself. We are all curious and tend to ruminate on the quality of our friendships and romantic entanglements. Particularly at the beginning, while trying to figure out if we want to stay in this new arrangement. Dating and everything related to it is one of the most discussed things in real life and on-line.


Make your bed!

unmade bed.jpg

Simple rituals can have measurable positive effects on our wellbeing. One of those can take less than a minute - and happily you get a chance to practice it every day!

Make your bed!!

Now I know you’re not all teenagers reading this – and I have no wish to trigger memories of irritating parental demands, but I want you to make your bed.

And I have a really good reason for this. I believe you will feel better when your bed’s made.


The colouring craze and why it's great! Q&A with Chrissie Russell


Have you noticed the latest colouring craze? I'm a supporter of all things colouring and make 'n do - you may have deduced this from a quick glance at the pics I use on this site...

It caught the attention of Chrissie Russell too, and she asked me questions about that resulted in this piece. Here's the full conversation:

I love this quote: “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” – CS Lewis


What's worrying teenagers? (In their own words)

Hearing heals

This is Suicide Prevention Month 2015, indeed as I type this it's World Suicide Prevention Day. Twitter is alive with useful information and resources, talks and seminars are taking place all over the world - and it's great. This is my small contribution to the conversation. For me, every day should be suicide prevention day.

I listened to Dr Harry Barry speak today about how to reach our young people before they consider suicide. It was great to hear someone echo my thoughts, and those of my fellow professionals. Prevention is key.

Bottom line: we need to "get to" children before they start down the road of hopelessness.


How to cope when your Leaving Cert results are disappointing.


Results day is next week and there is an air of excitement mixed with fear for thousands of Leaving Cert hopefuls in Ireland this week.

While for many, next Wednesday will be a day filled with relief, joy and celebration, there will be some who are devastated. If you are one of them, or parenting one of them, this piece is for you:


August 12th needs no introduction to anyone who’s been living with the Leaving Cert this year. It looms on the not-so-distant horizon for thousands of Irish teenagers and their parents. The anxiety is mounting as I type – you can probably feel it.


What to do when someone you care about self-harms

Self harm

Learning that someone we love is self-harming is indeed a truly frightening experience. It presents quite a challenge for parents and friends to know what to do in a situation like this, and that's what I hope to address here. Originally posted on sister site TwoWiseChicks, I hope it's helpful.

Not a week goes by that a therapist doesn't hear about a client or a client's friend self-harming. This is particularly true of therapists who work with teenagers - lately it feels like something of an epidemic.


Managing post exam stress - some do's and don'ts.


Many students and parents assume that once the exams are done, the stress is over. Unfortunately, for some, it's hard to put that away as the seemingly endless wait for results begins. 

So the exams are over and you’re thinking “Yay! Stress over!”

And it is for some, but for others a whole new level of stress now kicks in. It’s a little trickier than pre exam stress, because the people around you might assume you are now the embodiment of Zen and relaxation, because technically the exams are over.

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