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Violence against Women

Happy International Women’s Day! (but not for all of us)


So, here we are again. Today is the 108th International Women’s Day and while we have made huge strides in some areas, we have a very long way to go. 

Much has been written in the lead up to today. And much of it grim. I won’t even go into the Tuam babies horror here. To mark the day I thought I’d post a compilation of important pieces about how women are (still) being treated in the 21st century. It’s not terrifically cheery reading so you might want to stop now. I understand, I really do.

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The Revenge Porn debacle – and what we can do about it.


Some people are saying that the allegations about UCD male students posting “revenge porn” in a Facebook group with over 200 members is ‘unbelievable’. And as it turns out, the allegations went unsupported, there is no first hand evidence to support the claims.

For so many though, the story was totally believable. Some people still believe it, thinking – well can’t the evidence be deleted? Isn’t there sufficient shame around sexuality and sex crime to prevent victims from coming forward when invited, encouraged even?

One major piece that this has highlighted for me is this question: what made this story so believable? And I feel it’s because this happens now, we all know it. For any of us to say otherwise at this point is somewhat naive.

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Talking to teens about Sexting


Firstly let’s define sexting:

Sexting is the sending of a sexually revealing image of oneself or an explicit text using a phone, or other device that is connected to the internet. You will have heard about the celebrity photo leaks, most notably the recent Jennifer Lawrence leaks .

And last week we heard about SnapChat pictures being leaked.


Sexting – the new first base

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Today’s figures on Cyberbullying in Ireland


Grim figures released today by the NAPD (National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals) show an increase in over 30% in cyberbullying.


Grim figures released today by the NAPD (National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals) show an increase in over 30% in cyberbullying in a survey of Irish second level students.

Figures also show an increase of 5% in students admitting to bullying bringing the new figure to 9%. This is big news, with most papers reporting the figures and talk shows discussing the meanings of these findings in the lead up March’s bullying awareness month.

There are some basic things we can all do to combat bullying and if you are a parent reading this I encourage you to share this information with your son/daughter. If you are being bullied please, take note of these tips and report your experience to someone you trust.

Here are two particularly good sites that have dedicated space to cyber bullying: Do Something and Spunout , and I’ve also made a list of my own quick tips – I hope you find it helpful. You may also be interested in the  #DeleteCyberbullying campaign. Their Twitter page is here:


This is serious business. Be mindful of what students are being exposed to. Educate yourself and protect yourself and them.