Have you been hurt by an addicted parent?


There’s a “syndrome” called ACOA – are you familiar with it? It means Adult Child of Alcoholic, or, as experience has taught me, Adult (or teen) Child of any Addict.

I came across it years ago, before I trained actually. Before I really understood what alcoholism was, or how common it is. I was lucky, I know.  Since then I’ve learned how the idea of ACOA as a collection of “habits” really helps to explain a lot of the thought patterns and behaviours that thousands of adults experience and struggle with every day – every hour maybe. And the people who love them struggle too.

And I do like when things, y’know, make sense. Even if they seem utterly inexplicable or illogical at first.

So that’s why I wrote this piece for Family Friendly. It might just resonate with you, and if it does, know that there is support. There are ways to unlearn what you have learned – if you want to!

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