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Every parent finds the job of parenting challenging at least some of the time – indeed most of the time for some! Every age and stage of development brings with it different challenges, new things to learn for both you and your child. Neuroscience and psychology have provided us with a lot of answers about perception, brain development and personality formation. We know a lot now about different disorders, syndromes and illnesses. And there is much we don’t know, much that is theorised and presented as fact. It can be difficult to tell the difference!

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If you are simply looking for general advice rather than therapy I know it can be hard to come by, and when we do find advice it isn’t always consistent. Because opinions differ. And children differ. The thing is, there is no one way to raise a child.

General parenting topics I blog about:

Pieces of advice are like clothes – we try them on and see how they fit  – we might end up not buying and seeking out a different shop. Not everything is a ‘fit’ for you or your family. And that’s fine. We can only do our best., a parenting website,  and FamilyFriendlyHQ are two such places that offer advice and information. I was invited by them to be a feature author this year and I gladly accepted. They are communities of “lay” parents and child care / psych professionals who share information and give each other feedback and support. I’ve very much enjoyed my connection with them so far.

Below is a list of the pieces I’ve contributed if you’re interested in browsing. Generally I submit one to each site per month – feel free to sign up to me over on the right (or below this post of you’re on a mobile phone now) to keep informed of new posts!

  1. How to guide your daughter safely towards her teens
  2. A simple trick for parents to rein in their rage
  3. Are you at risk of post-partum depression?
  4. Understanding your risk factors for post-partum depression
  5. Can Santa help teach us empathy and gratitude?
  6. How to stay sane during the holidays
  7. What your teen doesn’t tell you
  8. Why it’s not Ok to ask “any kids yet?”
  9. What to do if your child self-harms
  10. Moms are human – not superhuman!
  11. What to do when your kids ask awkward questions (Co-written by friend and colleague Tanya Tinney from TwoWiseChicks)
  12. How to talk to your teen about sexting
  13. A 5 step plan that teaches your child how to deal with bullying
  14. Ten things to teach your son before he’s a teenager
  15. How to help your teen through exams
  16. Tweens, Teens &Tech – Tips for rule setting and boundaries
  17. Does your child see monsters?
  18. 8 Discipline techniques that might make things worse (and what to do instead).
  19. Keep your child safer by tweaking your questions
  20. Can the apple fall far from the tree?
  21. Christmas driving you crazy yet?
  22. Does not loving parenting mean not loving your children?
  23. Coping with Loss at Christmas
  24. How to recognise the signs of bullying
  25. Parenting through divorce and separation
  26. Is your child sexting? 
  27. Talking to your child about sexting (follow-up to 26)
  28. Is your child safe online? Here’s a ‘trick’ I recently used to find out.
  29. Going on the Lash for Paddy’s Day?
  30. Can we learn and teach resilience? (Hint: Yes!:))
  31. Is it OK to argue in front of the kids?
  32. Parenting in the Aftermath of the Manchester Bombing
  33. Helping your anxious child


I hope you find these interesting and useful!


And do check out the other authors – there are many to choose from and a huge variety of topics!

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